Consistency is one of the main objectives of all our wines. Although each vintage can be different, one thing is certain – style and quality.

Spencer Hill

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Mariner Vineyard

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Attention to detail by winemaker Jules Randell, along with input from our General Manager and consulting winemaker Matt Rutherford, assures consistent style and quality from one vintage to the next. Their in-depth knowledge of the vineyards and winemaking philosophy of all Spencer Hill’s labels result in highly acclaimed wines. All aspects of winemaking from ferment through to bottling are conducted at the winery using our own equipment. Total control of the winemaking process guarantees quality and consistency.

All of our wines are known for their exceptional value and thus are in demand by customers worldwide. Only four varieties are produced. These are the wines that we feel we can do best. We focus on these four varietals making different styles of each. These are Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir.

Kosher wines were introduced in 2005 with great success. It is a pleasure to make our quality wines for the Kosher markets around the world. This has led us to opening a sister winery, Evan’s Vineyard, in Washington state that produce the only kosher wines in Oregon and Washington. Our New Zealand winemakers travel to Washington each year to make these wines.